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Fred's Bathroom Cleaner

Eliminates unsafe disinfectants by using a unique bio-enzymatic formula that naturally digests organic waste and malodors. 

Fresh Clean Scent Cleans and Deodorizes All Bathroom Surfaces Non-Abrasive Contains No Acids and No Caustics Bio-Enzymatic Naturally Digests Organic Soils and Malodors 

SAFE ON: Glass, Tile, Porcelain, Marble, Vinyl, Plastic, Chrome and Stainless Steel Fred's Complete Bathroom Cleaner is a single product for total bathroom cleaning, eliminating the conflicting odors of several products. 

For use on all bathroom surfaces from the walls to the stalls, including toilet bowls, urinals, sinks, countertops and fixtures, tile and even glass and mirrors! 

A chemical-bacterial blend of biodegradable cleaners and enzyme-producing bacteria which work together to safely dissolve and digest organic deposits that cause stains and odors. 

Pleasantly deodorizes as the natural biological action destroys organic wastes without acids or caustics. Liquefies and removes urine salts. The concentrated foam is easy to use and won't harm plumbing or other fixtures. Provides continuous enzymatic cleaning action in pipes, drains and waste systems. ffcc-triple-1.png 

DIRECTIONS: SHAKE WELL. Special valve allows can to be sprayed in an Upright or Inverted position. 

FOR TOILETS AND URINALS - Invert can, Spray up under the rim, Apply foam to sides. With bowl brush, work foam under entire rim, around bowl and seat and down the outer surface. Wet brush to lightly rinse cleaned surfaces. Flush if desired and allow to air dry (approximately 15 minutes.) Wipe around surrounding floor area to complete the cleaning operation. 

FOR OTHER SURFACES - Spray on. Work foam with brush, cloth or sponge. Rinse lightly if desired. Allow to air dry. 

FOR GLASS AND MIRRORS - Spray on. Wipe clean and polish to a sparkle with a soft, clean cloth.