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Miele Blizzard CX1 Electro Plus Canister

Vortex technology

Best suction results via very high air throughput

Great cleaning performance: Air flow of more than 62 miles/h ensures coarse and fine dust is collected perfectly.

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Exclusiv to Miele

Hygienic emptying

Innovative dust separation: Coarse soil and fine dust are emptied separately without unsettling the dust.

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Easy handling: At the touch of a button the container conveniently empties downwards.

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Great cleaning performance at all times: The Gore®CleanStream® fine dust filter cleans itself automatically.

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Exclusiv to Miele

Comfort handle

With lever action: The floorhead can be easily manoeuvred thanks to the flexible hose connector.

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Exclusiv to Miele

A complete array of integrated accessories

Always at hand: Two accessories stored in the appliance and a separate dusting brush are supplied as standard.

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