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Simplicity Classic S20SC - Symmetry


Simplicity Clean Air Bagged Allergy Upright Vacuum


Simplicity Cordless Multi-Use Vacuum S65


Simplicity Deluxe S20UP.2 Synchrony Tandem Air System


Simplicity Fetch S30PET - Synchrony Tandem Air System


Simplicity S10CV - Lightweight Upright Cordless


Simplicity S40P Synergy Tandem Air System


Simplicity S65 Deluxe Cordless Multi-Use Vacuum S65D


Simplicity S65 Premium Cordless Multi-Use Vacuum S65P


Simplicity S65 Standard Cordless Multi-Use Vacuum S65S


Simplicity Spiffy Broom Vacuum S60


Simplicity Sport S100 Canister - 700w Full size and mini tools